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THE SWEETS mini ball

In a distant galaxy, called CandyRush3000XXX, THE SWEETS - powerful creatures exceeding in beauty, fierceness and love - are the core of the energy in their Universe. Lila Festival 2019 has made the most this time, and has opened a portal, building up a bridge (or a runway, if you may) and THE SWEETS, are ready to take over Zurich by storm!

THE SWEETS mini ball has four different categories, each with its own theme. You can creatively use the theme in your costume and the way you present yourself and move. There are three catwalk categories where you go back and forth on the catwalk, present yourself and your costume and pose (like a model). You can be creative and relate to the theme of the category. The fourth category is Baby Vogue, where you present yourself while dancing. All categories are open for beginners.

Before THE SWEETS mini ball there will be a Voguing Workshop for everyone. Here you can learn your first Voguing poses - no matter if you join the mini ball afterwards or not.

Categories are:

The Sugary Show - RUNWAY
From the cold and icy sweet corner of their dimension, The SWEETS Elves are the ones who can walk the walk, like an intergalactic candy crusher, crushing the runway and our hearts in every step. Who wouldn’t wanna have their royal looks and power!? We invite you to turn into them and show your fiercest walk for us! 

The Divine Dessert - FACE RUNWAY
Shine bright like a glazed cupcake darlings, because it’s time to show your face! Walk the runway and present your best facial features, and prove to us that you are the real cherry of the cake in this cosmic mini-ball! No drag make up allowed - instead, bring it on with minimal make up to enhance you sweet features.

Children, let you mind take you to an trip! A sweet intergalactic and beautiful one, where you allow yourself to be whoever you want to be under THE SWEETS protection and power! Walk for us on the runway, and impress us with your best FIRST time drag! May the force, and the sugar be with you, young ones!

The Bubblegum Boom - BABY VOGUE OTA
We all know that everything started with a Big Bang. This was not different in the CandyRush3000XXX galaxy! And therefore, in this category, come and show us your own Big Bang; your beginning vogue moves and your passion for the 5 elements of vogue! ONLY for first time enthusiasts or less than one year voguers. Open to femme, old or new way practitioners.

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