The workshops can be attended by all festival visitors without registration and any further costs or requieries.



freitag 19:00 CONNECTION

samstag 13:00 BALANCE

samstag 17:15 LOVE

sonntag 11:00 AWAKENING

sonntag 14:00 TRUST

Soraya & Momo from SOMO YOGA will enchant you during the festival with varied yoga classes. Body, mind and soul are brought into harmony. During the yoga a constant flow develops, which strengthens, balances and stabilizes you physically, mentally and emotionally. The main elements are breathing, stretching and the body's own power. Everyone, from beginners* to advanced, is welcome. Take comfortable clothing with you.


Voguing Workshop

samstag 15:00

Christopher SaintLaurent is teaming up with Ivy Monteiro to give you a fierce vogue workshop before the ball! Come to learn the basics movements of vogue, history, legacy but most of all to „dip“ into New Way Vogue - the vogue style in which Christopher SaintLaurent slay in every ball.

Sextalk_Viehweger s:w.jpg

Sex Talk

samstag 15:00

Discussing together about sex, STI, HIV, hepatitis, PEP, PrEP but also substance consumption, party, intimacy, feelings of shame. Always with a view to specific challenges such as trans*, sex work, youth, queer. With Martin Viehweger, activist for sexual health.

Bondage_Credit LUCA CHRISTEN_Quadrat.png


samstag 13:00

Bondage is a wonderful possibility to flirt, play and create erotic experiences with your lovers. In this basic course you will learn the most important things about the knot, safety and technique of bondage as well as the basic practices of BDSM and the emotional aspects of bondage.



samstag 17:00

Do you feel like releasing pressure in another form? With colourful signs and pictures on the wall? We offer a graffiti workshop for everyone from beginners to advanced. The material is there, you can come and paint, styles and graffiti, names and slogans. Tips and tricks from experienced sprayers.


Sean Lionadh Workshop

samstag 13:00

Writing poetry is one of the most vulnerable things you can do. Sean Lìonadh is an artist from Glasgow who combines poetry with music and film. He's known for his visual poem on homophobia, Time for Love, which reached millions of people online, inspiring a debut poetry book and a Ted talk. His workshop will explore how a poem can communicate what other mediums can’t. Dive deeper into the performances of some of the world’s best spoken word artists, the unique medium of film poetry, and take part in intensive writing exercises to express a memory, a story, or a belief through poetry. At the end of the workshop, we’ll share poems and reflect respectfully on our work.